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118: JIM MYERS (1958 - 2013) ENAMELED TILES

Jim Myers (1958 - 2013 Missouri)

Nine untitled enameled tiles

Estate stamped.

Measure 6 x 6 inches each, three center tiles of ladies measure approximately 1/2 inch in thickness. The torso tiles measure approximately 1/4 inch each. Nine loose unmounted tiles.

Warrensburg artist Jim Myers was a true original. He was a one-of-a-kind, fascinating, passionate artist fueled by his intellect, his imagination and his high energy-level. A free and wildly expressive artist, he exercised his imagination daily, constantly creating art. Creating art was something he did more for himself than for any other reason. It surrounded him constantly. It was all around him and in many different forms - from two-ton sculptures 18 feet tall, to small modernist paintings like the works offered here. When he passed in 2013, he left behind thousands of objects.

Jim really didn't like to sell his works and he rarely accepted invitations to exhibit his art. He didn't seem concerned with what others thought and he never sought any approval or confirmation for what he was doing. He just loved creating and exploring. Jim did accept some commissions for public works like the 'Fountain of Ewes' sculpture outside the Ponce de Leon condominiums, on the hill above Kansas City's County Club Plaza at 4555 Main Street. But he really didn't like letting his works go. He found that when he did sell something, he longed to have it back. He could hardly stand to part with any of his creations.

Jim studied at the Hollywood Art Center School and later in Paris at the American Academy of Art where he not only studied art but learned to speak French fluently. This formal art training channeled his natural talents and brought a unique genius to the zaniness of his work. Neither formal nor primitive, his art became notoriously difficult to classify. The terms Outsider Art, Folk Art and Modernism have been bandied about. Bottom line, it is what it is. It pleases the eye, it's friendly, it's fun, it's not angry, it's smart, sometimes it's smart-ass, it may or may not be about anything - it's art.

We happily provide seamless in-house packing and shipping services on nearly everything we sell.
Very good original condition, there are no issues of damage, wear or repair.
$500 - $1,000

We happily provide seamless in-house packing and shipping services on nearly everything we sell.

SOLD - $2,500

Sold Price does not include Buyer's Premium

in our Our 19th Annual Spring Art Auction

on Friday, June 9th 2017