Original Vintage Signs Original Vintage Signs

Antique Tool Auction

Saturday, October 14th 2017

The Collection of Fred Pawlicki

A large collection of 400 lots to include both primitive and mass produced antique tools.

A Variety of Winchester Items A Variety of Winchester Items
Mathieson Cast Steel and Ebony Infill Jack Plane Mathieson Cast Steel and Ebony Infill Jack Plane
New Old Stock New Old Stock
Stanley No. 74 Floor Plane Stanley No. 74 Floor Plane
Stanley No. 96 Chisel Gauge Blind Nailer Stanley No. 96 Chisel Gauge Blind Nailer
Marbles and Other Makers Marbles and Other Makers
Stanley Side Rabbet No. 98 Stanley Side Rabbet No. 98
Unusual Plumb Bobs Up To 14 Inch Unusual Plumb Bobs Up To 14 Inch
Highlights include:
  • Unusual Early Iron Woodworking and Other Tools
  • Planes by Various Manufacturers
  • Various Compass Planes
  • Red Logo Winchester Planes
  • Keen Kutter 4-inch Draw Knife, No. 7 Plane and More
  • Unusual Plumb Bobs
  • Various Saws and Cutting Tools
  • Good Iron and Wood Levels
  • New Old Stock Stanley, Lufkin, Rabone and other Folding Rules
  • Stanley and other Advertising and Go-with Items
  • Keen Kutter and Winchester Non-Tool Items
  • Drills, Wrenches, Tools of unknown use
  • Outsized Antique Iron Tools
  • Planes and Tools in their original boxes
  • Old Wood Boxes and Totes
  • Unidentified Tools and Objects
  • Marbles brand Tools
  • Cutting and Chopping Tools
  • Some Railroad Marked Tools
  • Pocket Knives and Axes
  • More!
There will be a cataloged auction running in the main gallery while a second auction ring offers un-cataloged tools in an adjoining room.

Rare Stanley Chamfer Plane No. 72 Rare Stanley Chamfer Plane No. 72
Cast Iron Levels Cast Iron Levels
Rosewood Handle Tools Rosewood Handle Tools
Stanley No. 97 Cabinet Makers Edge Plane Stanley No. 97 Cabinet Makers Edge Plane
Stanley No. 148 Match Plane Stanley No. 148 Match Plane
Unusual Early Tools and Related Items Unusual Early Tools and Related Items