Selections from the Darrell Carr Collection

Antique Clock Auction

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Darrell has been a fixture at any and all clock related events around the mid-west for the last 30 years. This offering will include three hundred lots of clocks from his collection, along with lathes, tools, movements, parts, projects and more - both cataloged and un-cataloged.

A Variety of Unusual Clocks A Variety of Unusual Clocks
Ansonia Columbia Ansonia Columbia
Junghans, Westminster and other European Clocks Junghans, Westminster and other European Clocks
New Haven New Haven
Ansonia and other Statue Clocks Ansonia and other Statue Clocks
E. Howard & Co. E. Howard & Co.
Seth Thomas Seth Thomas
Waterbury Waterbury
Bracket Clocks Bracket Clocks
E.N. Welch E.N. Welch
Waterbury Waterbury