The McHugh Collection of


One of the greatest collections of passenger service relics ever assembled.

Session One
Saturday December 14

Scant early details below. A fully illustrated catalog will be posted in November.
Watch for a second auction day to be added this weekend.

Session Two
Spring of 2020

In Ed's Own Words:

"Over the past 40 years, I have put together one of the largest collections of passenger train memorabilia in the United States.
"Now, I would like to pass it on to the next generation of collectors. It includes everything from drumheads and train gate departure signs to menus, brochures, stepstools, [and] vintage artwork [...] that have helped me visualize famous moments of passenger railroading. Want to recreate a ride on the 1930s Florida Special? Well, I can make available a wooden card table from the Recreation Car or the brass railing from the observation car to help you. How about a ride through the desert in UP's City of Los Angeles? I have the murals from the lounge car.
"Particular strengths include items from the Great Railroads of the West, as well as the Pennsylvania, B & O, New York Central, Burlington, Milwaukee Road and Canadian Pacific. Also lots from the railroads of New England, the Anthracite Lines and the steamboat lines of New England, Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes. I collected very few lanterns and not much china or employee timetables along the way, concentrating instead on hardware, menus, name train folders and passenger timetables."

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