COVID-19 Protocol

  1. We plan to continue being the Midwest leader of Live Internet Auctions, providing Buyers and Sellers all of the services, options and Market Coverage they deserve. For those who prefer to bid from home during this temporary situation, we’ve added numerous features below that will make participating in these events easy and economical.
  2. For years, Soulis Auctions has offered free local delivery. Until further notice we will expand this service to customers within 100 miles of our Lone Jack, Missouri Gallery and Warehouse.
  3. Until further notice, our top-notch crew will offer options to meet winning bidders in cities like St. Louis or Des Moines or Wichita at no extra charge. These and other regional points on the map will serve as more convenient pick-up points out-of-state buyers can travel to and gather their purchases.
  4. Preview Periods will be expanded to multiple days in order to suit schedules and provide less congested attendance.
  5. Again as the leader in customer service and customer appreciation, Soulis Auctions has for years provided free catered food and refreshments during all their live auction events. This will not change. Free refreshments, sealed snacks and professionally prepared enclosed Box Lunches will be served free of charge.
  6. Attendees visiting our 15,000 square foot facilities will see a hand sanitation station on every corner.
  7. Surfaces and Facilities will be subject to sanitizing measures before, during and after all Previews and Auction Events. Wipes, Soaps and Sanitizers will abound.
  8. The Auction Approach to marketing has more than proven itself over the last two hundred-plus years. Likewise, we have proven that conducting real auctions where, without cutting corners or shorting our Sellers, we undertake every possible measure necessary to please Buyer and Seller while keeping it fun for all will never change.
  9. Please do stay home and take advantage of these enhanced features if you have even the mildest of symptoms, just to be sure. We want to see you back here when this blows over. With the above measures and whatever else you may need, we can serve you just as if you were here in the room.