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Richard Turner (1935 - 2012)

'Fall Landscape'

Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right

Dated 2004

Canvas measures 20 x 17 inches, the frame 24.5 x 22 inches.

Pictured page 81 of 'The Oak Street Mansion: The History, Art and Sculpture of Kansas City's Small Art Hotel', Roland Sabates. 2013.

A copy of the book is included.

Richard Turner lived nearly all his life on the family farm near Green Ridge, Missouri just west of Sedalia. A very quiet and gentle man, he was also very private yet friendly. He had a very active mind and was extremely capable. His creative energy was directed in many different ways. Of all the things he created, the paintings from his later years are the most curious. Not for their style, content or composition - all of which are extremely noteworthy - but for their sudden appearance in his life. Though extremely gifted as an artist, it appears that Richard's production as an artist was nearly non-existent for the years between 1973 and 2003. Of those 30 years very little is known about his mind-set regarding the creation of art, and it appears that few works of art were created by him. Richard attended the Kansas City Art Institute in the early 1970s and produced a number of very capable works of abstraction. A collection of these canvases from the early 70s were found in his estate upon his passing. They sold at the country auction held on the family farm with limited promotion but for prices as high as $3000.

Thirty years after the production of these abstract compositions a series of impressionist oils suddenly appear. The sudden appearance of these well-constructed Missouri landscapes and their impetus are a part of Richard that will forever remain a mystery, much like his quiet, private lifestyle.

Looking back, there was always a touch of melancholy to Richard's demeanor. This isn't to say that nearly every conversation didn't include laughter, they almost always did. But like his late-in-life series of impressionist paintings there was also a somberness at times. For instance, lot 31 in this sale, or the painting of the wild rose bush blooming near his home (private collection) or the landscape with blooming redbud trees ( see page .....); blue sky and sunshine were never a part of these later canvases, regardless of season. No examples with actual sunshine can be found. Landscapes where the sky is visible are overhung with a low grey sky or a high cloudy ceiling. Spring and summer scenes of woodland paths through the trees with their beautiful painterly touches of confident color indicate to the viewer through their plein air light and summer shadows that the sun is shining brightly, but no sun or blue sky can actually be seen through the canopy of leaves.

Mystery will forever remain a real part of what Richard left us. Why he did endeavor to paint again, why he waited so long to paint again, and wondering what feelings he felt most will all be left for us to ponder as his skillful paintings are discovered in the coming years. All we can know for certain is the sure and delicate way in which he could build a stunning landscape one confident touch of the brush at a time.

Very fine original condition, no in-painting, repair, loss, rubs, scratches or issues to report.
$1,000 - $1,500
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SOLD - $1,400

Sold Price does not include Buyer's Premium

in our Our 19th Annual Spring Art Auction

on Friday, June 9th 2017